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We, HEADEX Group, have been providing flexible personnel management solutions in Lithuania and Western Europe for more than 20 years.

More than 450 production, service, logistics and customer service companies believe and trust us. Therefore, we can offer our employees a wide variety of jobs: from positions that do not require qualifications to positions with extremely high requirements in Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries.


Human resource management solutions

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Your reliable partner for efficient human resource solutions


Number of people joining HEADEX Group every year and discovering long-term work opportunities


Satisfied customers and their fulfilled expectations to plan the human resources flexibly

+ years

International experience in providing effective human resource solutions

+ years

Extensive and digitized database of candidates

A team of experts working in 5 major cities of Lithuania

+ years

LEAN culture fostered in the company ensures high quality of services

Common MISSION creates meaning for us at work and unites the team:
  • the desire to create better lives – we provide long-term job opportunities;
  • the motivation to ensure success for customers – we offer flexible solutions;
  • the strive to create stability for society – we do this only by working together.
The faith in an ambitious VISSION drives the team forward:
  • a company of 30 thousand employees setting new market standards with its modern work solutions;
  • an efficiency leader valued by customers and copied by competitors.

Headex Group vallues

We ground our daily decisions on our and the company’s values:


Maximum orientation towards the customer and its needs


We take responsibility for our work


No compromise on service quality


My colleague is my internal customer

HEADEX Group history

We started our activities in Scandinavian countries under the name "Jūrų gyvatė"
We established a branch in Vilnius and introduced ourselves to customers and partners abroad under the new name of HEADEX
We started providing services actively in Lithuania
A new direction of activity started in Germany, where we also established a representative office
We established a representative office in the Netherlands
We started using a digital database of candidates
The number of employees exceeded 1000
The average number of employees exceeded 2000
We actively expanded in Lithuania: the branches of the company in Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys and Šiauliai were opened
LEAN methods were implemented in the company’s operational processes
The average number of employees exceeded 3000
We established a representative office in Poland
We celebrated the 20th anniversary of successful activity
















We encourage the involvement of employees in volunteering

We understand the importance of volunteering in various initiatives and we provide paid volunteer hours to company employees. It gives an opportunity to contribute to such meaningful activities as volunteering in “Maisto bankas” promotion, free blood donation, assistance to animal shelters, active participation in “Darom“ promotions, etc.


We take care of psychological and physical health

We provide an opportunity to monitor the psychological health and take advantage of free psychological consultations. We support the company’s employees who participate in sports events by paying the participation fee and providing representative clothing.


We focus on sustainable business organization

We are constantly improving and digitizing various work processes helping to reduce the number of printed documents and at the same time ensure greater work efficiency. We support the nurturing of sustainability ideas by educating employees on this topic.


We pay great attention to education on socially relevant topics

We proactively respond to global events taking place in the world and educate the employees of the company about them (Covid-19, war in Ukraine). Internal company events draw the attention of employees to Down’s syndrome by celebrating “Different Socks Day” and to children with cancer by celebrating “Red Nose Day”. We also do not forget the public holidays.


We allocate financial support to support funds

We financially support the actions contributing to the well-being of various socially vulnerable groups. We have been closely cooperating with the Public Institution “Rimanto Kaukėno paramos fondas” that helps children with cancer or developmental disabilities.


We contribute to the successful career start of young people

We foster a long-term internship project encouraging Lithuanian youth to do internships in our company and thus gain real work experience and valuable professional skills. We are glad that some of the young people who completed the internship become our colleagues later!

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Find out more about the advantages of HEADEX Group from the success stories of our employees!

  • Eligija
    October 2023

    I was looking for a job with a flexible work schedule that would allow me to combine work with studies for a long time. After contacting HEADEX Group, everything happened very quickly: during the call, we agreed on the time of the job interview and during the remote job interview, I heard all information that was relevant to me. After a few days I went to sign the employment contract and soon I was working in the company.

  • Arūnas
    July 2023

    I started at HEADEX Group with the goal of ensuring the financial well-being of my family. Having started as a packer, I did not expect that the further path of my career would continue here successfully. I have been with the company for more than 7 years and I am responsible for a team of over 150 people in Germany.

  • Mindaugas
    March 2023

    Me and my girlfriend tried working at HEADEX Group because of the desire to earn more and try something new. Having worked in the Netherlands for more than a year and a half, we can both confidently recommend HEADEX Group to anyone who wants to go work abroad: here you can not only earn well, travel around the country, but also nurture the important values, such as blood donation.

  • Žydrūnas
    September 2022

    I can advise to everyone who is looking for a job abroad: firstly, to dare and contact HEADEX Group, boldly ask all the questions you have and dispel all doubts. HEADEX Group is a company that surrounds you with attention from the first call. It is characterized by particularity, help, support, encouragement, care, evaluation and appreciation.

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